Under the supervision of minister of youth and sports

The Egyptian federation for sports of cerebral palsy is cooperating with Global Event co. For consultation and training to organise an "international scientific conference for athletes with cerebral palsy"
.At Triumph hotel Alkhalia alMaamoun from 4-5 March 2021
:Organising plan
.The idea of this event came out according to the president Abdelfattah Alsisi's strategy and instructions to the diplomatic leadership to care about the people with special needs and merge them in the diplomatic field as they are important active people in the society
: How to participate
.By attending directly the sessions at the hotel or via zoom .
.[26/02 7:54 pm] دكتور احمد آدم: Participating in the conference a lot of national and international organisations from different countries who are interested in sports for people with cerebral palsy
.In addition to the university professors, researchers and specialists
:International figures attending the conference
. President of Arabian federation for disability-
. President of international federation for disability-
. President of Egyptian unions federation in Europe-
:Sponsored by
. Ministry of youth and sports-
. Moral affairs of the armed forces-
. Military Medical corporation-
. international federation for disability-
. Arabian federation for disability-
. Dubai Club for disabled sports-
. Egyptian Telecom WE-
. Egyptian paralympic committee-
:Sponsorship directions
. organising an press conference at the ministry of youth and sports to launch the scientific conference and through it will invite the television channels, paper and visual journals to cover the event-
. producing videos and visual ads for the conference to be published on television channels and square billboards-
[26/02 7:54 pm] دكتور احمد آدم: 3- record some of interviews at the television channels before and during the conference-
. the sponsers will do the necessary marketing and ads for the medical workshop that will be held on the sidelines of the conference on the social media ( Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn)-
.So we are hoping that the conference will get your attention and support to this category of people who deserves care and support
Best regards
Dr. Ahmed adam
President of the ESFACP
President of the conference